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A personal statement is a crucial element of a scholarship application process. In this small document, you need to show your personality in the right way so the admission committee will decide in your favor. When you have only one attempt to show yourself it won’t be surprising to find your knees trembling. The writing process of a personal statement can make students feel anxious and worried. To write a greater personal statement, you will need to do some research of your own personality and character. For some people, it is difficult to write reflective papers which involve character and personality analysis. How do you show yourself in a favorable light? What does the admission committee wish to hear from you? What is the word limit for the personal statement? How can you avoid common mistakes? Don’t get paralyzed with these questions and let HAMNIC Solutions help you answer them. Our online personal statement writing support will save your nerves and help you do the best.

Reach Your Fullest Potential With Personal Statement Writing Help

  1. The statement gives a clear perspective to your accomplishments, experiences, values, and goals. It gives the reader a clear understanding of you as a person and a specialist. The paper should be honest and reflective.
  2. It is a great story. The personal statement should be an engaging and easy-to-read story about you. This is not a simple list of your achievements. It should be a compelling and meaningful picture of your life, concentrating on one particular topic.
  3. The text corresponds with the basics of good writing. It is unacceptable to leave any spelling, grammar, formatting, and other errors in writing. Mistakes in the text will tell the reader that the author is irresponsible and careless. The language of a personal statement should be bright and precise.
  4. The statement follows the requirements. Each educational institution has a list of requirements for personal statements that can vary drastically. Some have less requirements, while others ask for a couple of personal statements to be written. Some schools have a great list of requirements, while others can give full freedom to your creativity.
  5. It has an engaging introduction. A good personal statement is interesting to read from the very beginning. Admission committee members will be reading hundreds of essays, and to stand out from the crowd you need an eye-catching introduction free from cliches.
  6. It answers the required question. Colleges and universities may require you to answer a certain question or a list of questions in your essay. Make sure that you have addressed them all. Take care of the answer so the reader can clearly find it in the text.
  7. It demonstrates how negative moments transform into positive. Committee members need to see the example of how you can overcome obstacles and deal with problems. No one is perfect, but the right candidate should be ready for challenges. The best student needs to have a backbone to reach certain goals.
  8. It gives a clear explanation of how your skills, achievements, and personal traits will benefit the particular school, college, or university.

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Applying to college or university is both an exciting and terrifying experience. Strict requirements, deadlines, and overall pressure can make the applicant fall into depression. If you feel you lack writing skills and are not sure that you will be able to impress the admission committee, the wise decision will be hiring an expert from a personal statement writing company. Maybe it will surprise you, but hundreds of students are seeking professional personal statement writers every year. Such a delicate issue is usually not discussed among classmates, and it may become a problem to find a reliable writing service that will provide expert help. Just place an order with us and make sure we provide qualified help.

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No matter whether you need a paper written from scratch or just particular parts of the paper, such as an introduction, our service provides assistance with any type of paper and at any stage of the writing process. If you think that your writing abilities are not good enough for writing a personal statement or you just don’t know how to write it, we will find an expert who will do this paper for you. All you need is to give us the requirements and some details about your life.

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If you hope to get into a certain course, or win a place in the desired college, make sure that you have a strong personal statement that will present you in the best light. Many students have a lack of confidence in their own abilities to write a winning personal statement or just don’t know what to write about. Such a situation can cause a sense of despair, especially when the time for submission is ticking away. To reduce stress and be more confident in your success, it might be a good idea to have a reliable helper at hand.

Here at HAMNIC Solutions, you will find a team of experts who know all of the peculiarities of writing outstanding personal statements. We know how to turn an ordinary essay into a magnificent one. The writer will analyze your life story, the requirements of the admission committee, and design a custom-written personal statement for you. The paper will be written with appropriate style, will be clearly structured, and correspond with the required standards. We work even on very short notice.

The Best Words To Use In Your Personal Statement

You have the opportunity in the personal statement which accompanies your university application to discuss and present your skills, experiences and accomplishments. It is more than solely a list of your achievements, it requires you to be persuasive about why the university would want to offer you a place. When writing your personal statement, some words are more persuasive and powerful than others and choosing using them carefully can create a strong positive impression. IWe share some of the words you can use in a personal statement, the reasons why you might use them and which words to avoid.

What to include in a personal statement?

Your personal statement might include the following information:

  1. Why you want to study at university
  2. Why you have chosen to apply for that course
  3. Why you're suitable for the course
  4. your accomplishments and achievements
  5. Hobbies and extracurricular activities
  6. Relevant personal circumstances

Writing a Personal Statement

When writing your personal statement, there are different types of words you might include to address each of these points clearly. You also want to use words that bring the personal statement together and make it easy to read. You're asked to combine a lot of information, so it's important to ensure it flows nicely. Use words which::

  1. Showcase your accomplishments and suitability.

    Words to describe accomplishing a grade or project include: accomplished, achieved, coordinated, completed, delivered (for example, a presentation), directed, implemented, managed, organised, oversaw, participated, planned, promoted, resolved, supervised, won, and among others.

    Example: 'I organised a group of 3 people to create a presentation. I supervised our progress to make sure we would hit the deadline. Two of the team members had some conflict over workload, so I resolved this by redistributing the tasks. We delivered it on time and received a grade of 90%.'

  2. Describe yourself

    Here are some words you can use to describe yourself: ambitious, confident, creative, determined, flexible, friendly, honest, motivated, proactive, reliable & team player

    Example: 'I consider myself as ambitious, determined and motivated. As part of a team pitching a business idea to a panel, I was the person who started the process by organising the dates and times for us to brainstorm and come up with an idea. I am a keen team player and make sure to consider everyone's views and opinions in meetings like this. We were successful in our pitch and came third in the competition.'

  3. Make a positive impression

    You could use the words throughout your personal statement to leave the reader with a good feeling: brilliant, clear, dependable, effective, effortless, fascinating, thought-provoking, noteworthy, secure, smooth sailing & straightforward.

    Example: 'On my work experience placement, I helped to organise an event for a new book for an author. The aim was to make it as straightforward and effortless as possible for the author. I assisted with creating the promotional flyers, working out the capacity at the venue and setting up the chairs on the day. It gave me a fascinating glimpse into events management and how important it is to be dependable in those situations.'

  4. Help your writing flow and be easy to read

    You can add in these words and transition phrases to help bring your personal statement together: additionally, although, besides, for example, furthermore, on the other hand, therefore, while & yet.

    Example:'To broaden my knowledge outside of my studies, I started reading branding and advertising magazines, including one called "Campaign". This helped me become more aware of the industry in addition to discovering new and innovative campaigns. Furthermore, it gave me insight into what working in these roles would be like and increased my interest even more. This is part of the reason why I'm applying for this course.'

  5. Hobbies and extracurricular activities

    Words to describe your interests and extracurricular activities include: created, developed, enhanced, enjoyed, experienced, initiative, interested, responsibility, led, proficient at/in, & sparked.

    Example: 'I've always enjoyed working with computers and last summer took that further by taking a course in Javascript. It sparked my curiosity and I began reading books and taking additional courses. 12 months later, I am proficient up to Level 3 and now want to deepen my knowledge and learning by studying at university. This is part of the reason I have applied for this course.'

Words and writing techniques to avoid using when writing a personal statement

As this is an opportunity to pitch yourself to be successful in the course of your choice, it's important that your personal statement presents you in the best light and as authentically as possible. Some words, phrases and writing techniques are less effective and are worth avoiding in your personal statement. Here is a list of words and techniques to omit from your personal statement:

  1. Negative words: Try to approach everything you share with a positive and friendly tone.
  2. Cliches: These are common in many personal statements and might not help yours stand out positively.
  3. Lists: Talking about your accomplishments and hobbies is great in a personal statement, especially when you provide examples for them. Setting them as lists doesn't have the same impact.
  4. Unrelated stories: Try to keep your focus on providing what's needed with clarity. Going off-topic and rambling uses up valuable space within your word count that can be put to better use.
  5. Jokes and puns: Use humour very carefully in your personal statement as what may seem funny to you might not come across in the same way by the person reading it.
  6. Being controversial: A personal statement is an academic piece of writing where controversial topics and opinions might not be best placed to support what you're sharing.

Personal Statement Scholarship Essay Examples

A Personal Statement to the Scholarship Committee

“My two passions in life drew me to X College. While some of my fellow high school classmates looked for a campus close to home, others chose the freedom of being far away. Some looked for specific programs of study like pharmacy or law enforcement. Others just followed their friends. I, however, chose X because it is the only school in New X where a student can play in a jazz band and also fly airplanes, the two overwhelming passions of my life.

I have been playing the trumpet since I was seven years old. My uncle had an old horn, which he let me fool around with when I was a child. I still have that trumpet and have learned to play it pretty well. X’s Jazz program and classes are both strong academically and allow students to perform with other musicians. I plan to continue following this passion here at X as a minor and then as a life-long hobby.

My other passion, Aviation, is what I want to major in at X and then find work in that field. I want to fly but I also want to understand the business and management areas of Aviation. One day, I hope to manage airport operations at one of New X’s major airports. Only X College could offer me the chance to fly an airplane, learn about airport operations, and at the same time make music with my trumpet.

I believe that I would be a worthy recipient of a X Scholarship. I did well in high school and after one year at X, I have completed 29 credits and have a 3.47 G.P.A. I belong to the flying club and perform with X Jazz ensemble. Also, with the help of one of my music professors, I have organized a group of student musicians and we go to nursing homes in Queens to perform old favorite jazz numbers for the senior residents. Seeing the smiles and clapping and singing along by people who are my grandmother’s age makes me feel that I am really helping those people to have a better quality of life.

I am a student who is proud to be at X and will continue to contribute to the quality of student life. I plan to be a leader in the flying club and the jazz ensemble and eventually in student government, where one of my main goals would be to increase the number of paid internships for students. I myself plan to intern at Kennedy airport or with one of the airlines such as Jet Blue. When the managers there see how hard I work, how focused I am, and how well educated I have become, they will not only want me to continue working with them, they will also want more interns and full-time workers who study at or have graduated from X College.”

How Will This Scholarship Help Me Attain My Career (A Career Goals Essay)

“My goal is to attain a career where I can use my specialized information technology skills combined with strong business background to help organization implement information technologies to achieve their technology and business goals.

I am very passionate about information technology and how it can be successfully implemented and managed to help organizations become more efficient and effective. The information systems managers' position requires a strong understanding of both technical and business practices to excel. I am currently pursuing a MBA degree with concentration on Information Systems to acquire a broad range of essential business know ledges. I am also engaging in some self-online learning courses outside the classroom and participating in couple of certificate programs to keep up with the cutting-edge information technology. Although I am very committed to undertaking professional trainings to fulfill my goals, the expensive cost of some online courses and certification programs had hold me back from taking them.

This scholarship will certainly strengthen my opportunity to take multiple Information Technology online courses and certification programs which I was not able to pay for due to my financial burden. The scholarship can help me further my professional training and certification goals that I have set for myself and will in turn help me start a true career in information system/technology management. This Scholarship can also be used to assist me pay for my courses this coming spring. Overall, this scholarship will help me accomplish my current goal, move on to the next and eventfully become a successful professional in the information system/technology management field. I believe my education and experience fits nicely with the scholarship requirements, and I am certain that this scholarship will make a significant contribution to my continuing education.”

Postgraduate International Relations Personal Statement Example

“The study of conflicts, international relations and politics could essentially be seen as understanding the way different actors relate to each other. It therefore holds the potential to polarize but also to include and encourage co-operation, which summarizes my ideas, thoughts and hopes as to why I wish to pursue this interest. I have always had a genuine fascination of global politics, conflicts and the way organizations, states and cultures interact and relate to each other. As a young boy I was fascinated by the movies and stories that portrayed a picture of the good and evil in an often dramatic clash, particularly the movies of James Bond.

I believe these movies sparked an interest and curiosity as to how global actors connect through conflict, diplomatic and financial relations, for example. Needless to say, my understanding of global issues has developed since the highly simplified stories of secret agents saving the world. Through travelling, volunteering and studying in different countries across the world I have further explored this interest in matters of international relations and conflicts. By doing so a foundation for further exploration was built. However, it was during my last three years of studying Criminology that I realized that my actual deep-rooted interest was rather in political and international security in an ever-changing modern political climate. For example, throughout different modules I visited subjects such as political ideologies, genocide, media and conflicts and the emergence of white-collar crime, to mention a few.

Together with accessibility to great sources through libraries, professors and public lectures in the vibrant city of Cambridge, I slowly but steady realized that my true interest rather lied within international matters on security, conflict and relations. While, as mentioned, the subject of criminology may have some features that links it with international relations and conflicts, I would argue that the true strength of having such a degree is the emphasis on seeing the ‘big picture’. In order to understand any geopolitical issue, criminology likewise, it is crucial to analyze a wide selection of factors that might make an impact, for example political, ideological, economical, military, law, history, culture and so forth. My criminology degree saw a great emphasis on just this, namely to understand the complexity of different social issues, thus equipping me with the appropriate tools to undertake an MSc degree in Conflict studies or International Relations.

Per now, my aspiration is to pursue this interest in an academic environment and thus gain the skills, tools and knowledge necessary in a wide range of future options. My desire is that an MSc at London School of Economics and Politics combined with the opportunity to build networks would equip me with the necessary tools to build a career within international organizations that targets matters of international security or state and humanitarian development. In particular, I would seek a career in for example Interpol, UN, NATO or other NGOs such as Norwegian People’s Aid, or the Norwegian Refugee Council. I firmly believe that these mentioned organizations would accept only the highest grade of skills and knowledge on the relevant subjects, and LSE with its expert professors and great network of scholars could be the ideal institution for me to collaborate up with in the pursuit of the mentioned demanded expertise. Despite little direct academic or professional experience in both the fields of International Relations and Conflict studies, I believe that my Criminology degree in partnership with a genuine interest and high ambitions is a recipe of success. To be supervised by the highly qualified staff at LSE with your reputation of excellence on political issues could prove to be inspiring.

Such a reputation attracts international students from all corners of the globe to London, which I think is a key aspect in the study of international relations due to the facilitation of different perspectives and ideas. Coming from Norway myself, I believe I can contribute with the perspective from a small but significant country when it comes to diplomatic and peacekeeping activity in conflict zones. During my undergraduate degree I wrote my dissertation on religious radicalization in Norway, and during my research I sourced documents that reinforced my idea of pursuing a masters and a career in international relations. I touched upon topics such as colonialism, war, foreign policies and religion, and I do believe that LSE not only covers these mentioned topics but also could introduce me to other relevant areas. I am truly confident that this course will broaden my knowledge and understanding of global issues as a whole. Moreover, my strong work ethics and academic ability to study and contribute at a Masters level could be evident by my First Class classification on both my dissertation and degree as a whole.

For my master’s thesis I have yet to conclude on a specific subject. However, I have a greater interest in themes such as political and religious radicalization, post-conflict state building and globalization with particular focus on the Middle East as a region. I am especially interested in how a state’s failures and successes have the potential to influence the use of violence, particularly in non-nation-states, which is frequently seen in the Middle East. My interest and passion for these subjects are not limited to academic point of view. I enjoy reading books on world politics, Middle Eastern culture and just now I am reading a book about ISIL and their extensive use of media as a source of ‘propaganda’. Aside from academia, I enjoy several hobbies and activities. I have travelled in various regions of the world and I still enjoy the meeting of new cultures and people. This spring I am going travelling again, visiting different continents, however I dare to say the highlight will be my planned two months in Beirut, Lebanon. Here I intend to start on a basic Arabic language course, with the intention of getting a taster as to how the Lebanese culture and language go hand in hand.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, I am quite so interested in Middle Eastern culture, and I hope to get the opportunity to move there in the future, preferably in professional context. I also appreciate sports, particularly football but also hiking, climbing, martial arts and scuba diving, all of which I have enjoyed both at home and whilst travelling. In addition, I was a member of Cambridge Union Society in which I attended several debates and lectures on global political issues, which only adds to several other public seminars and debates I have attended. I intend to put these interests of use when engaging in the campus activities and student culture in London. I highly value a vibrant student culture in which different personalities can unfold and express themselves through social, intellectual and sports societies.

In conclusion, I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that LSE can provide, and the idea of being a part of such a recognized institution is truly inspiring. On the risk of sounding pretentious, I do hope to be able to make a difference in our world, and I believe that the next step of achieving so is by starting my MSc in Conflict studies or International Relations at LSE.”

Disclaimer: These personal statement essays are provided to guide you in writing your own statement, not to be copied

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