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We don't mean to brag, but we happen to be pretty good at what we do!

Our expert book ghostwriters on our book writing website can embed the true essence of your story in their content before formatting and publishing it, without costing a fortune. Our book writing service at HAMNIC Solutions sketch out your story in the words of our most gifted writers. It’s that simple. Our ghost writers professionals for hire can conjure up well-researched content with insights and make sure it is optimized for your target audience.

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At HAMNIC Solutions, we empower authors through book writing, editing, and publishing navigation. Our team of expert editors, ghostwriters, and publishing consultants are ready to collaborate with you to develop powerful books and navigate the entire publishing journey.

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With decades of experience in various industries and content categories, our highly qualified ghost writer professionals are prepared to generate enthralling ghostwriting services in lightning-quick turnaround times.

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Every great advancement is born out of a fascinating work of imagination. We, at Collins Ghostwriting, will take that step forward for you. Every story deserves to be told and heard. Therefore, we invite you to experience the work of industry's most professional yet extremely innovative ghostwriters, all under one roof.

We’re Among the Top Ghostwriting Agencies

With a vision to produce quality book writing service that is designed with assorted shades of creativity, our book ghostwriters pour their experience into every aspect of your project. From an easy-to-understand writing style to mesmerizing content structures, we know how to garner attention and entice your target audience. Let's Get Started

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Get Professional Ghostwriting Services in Budget-Friendly Packages

Transforming your idea into best-selling manuscripts on our book writing website. We love working as a team and our professional ghostwriters offer end-to-end services which include:


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Editing & Proofreading

Our editors and ghost writing professionals ensure perfection by maintaining consistency in your final manuscript, catching typographical or grammatical errors, and double-checking facts for accuracy.
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Designing, Typesetting & Publishing

We offer professional guidance so you can form effective strategies to have your final manuscript accepted by publishing agents and houses alike. Get Customized Support


We provide a platform for you to share your story with the intended audience. Our professionals have written some of the most impressive and notable autobiographies. Get In Touch


Our experts know which words can voice your story the most. They know that your story matters and it deserves to touch every heart and soul who reads your memoir. Get Customized Support


Whether you need book promotion, book publicity, author promotion, or writer marketing, Book Writing Pro knows exactly how to spread your story like wildfire.
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Hamnic Services

You want to write but you get distracted when you go online. Humans are creative. We have ideas and incredible stories to tell, but often we end up scrolling instead of writing. HAMNIC Solutions want to change that. Here you can unleash your creativity and write something you can be proud of. You’ve always wanted to write a book. Let’s do it! Let's Help You!

We Write, So Your Story Reaches the Right Audiences

If you’re searching for affordable ghostwriters, Book Writing Pro offers highly skilled teams to convey your voice and tone in a manner that will inspire your desired results. Our entire team is eager to fulfill your content needs and get your story in front of your target audience.

You Get Ownership Rights Once Your Project Is Complete

The final manuscript and its content is owned by the client. The copyright for your assigned work will be owned by you. Get a professional book writing services today!

What We Need From You To Help You Write an E-book

  1. Provide us with a basic idea of what you want the e-book to be about – a particular interest, theme, and certain people you want to study.
  2. We will then decide what needs to be researched and how to go about it.
  3. Then we create a basic outline and a synopsis for you to approve before working on the manuscript.
  4. Once we get the approval, we start drafting and book writing chapters one by one, getting them approved, making any required edits, and then refining the final manuscript for publication.
  5. Client satisfaction is our top-most priority, and for this sole reason, our ghostwriting service offers unlimited revisions for you to request until you’re completely satisfied with the outcome.
  6. Our expert writers will be and are more than willing to make any changes, minor or major, that you require.
  7. Note that the book is your brainchild and our ghostwriting service will help conceptualize it, so we try to deliver as accurate a final manuscript as possible.

HAMNIC Solutions' Ghostwriting Service

HAMNIC Solutions has brilliant writers to accommodate all genres, from fiction novels to business books, memoirs to self-help guides. We also provide turnkey publishing services for authors globally. Get In Touch

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Looking to write your own book?

Check out some of our Professional book writing services above! At HAMNIC Solutions, we understand that every author and every book is unique. We customize our book editing and writing services to achieve your publishing goals. Get A Free Quote

Provide Order Details:

When you place an order for ghostwriting services, we require you to fill in a short brief form. This enables us to get a first grasp of the subject matter. We'll assign a book ghost writer who has knowledge and experience working with the desired genre.

Chapter Approval One By One:

Instead of having you wait for the entire project to end, and then tell us that’s not the tone you wanted to follow. Our talented ghost writer will send you the first chapter for approval, this lets you know the writing style and make any changes that you wish.

Revisions Upon Feedback:

It’s your book, and we know you want it to be exactly how you envisioned it. That's why we offer revisions upon feedback as part of our ghostwriting services. Our ghost writer work closely with you to get feedback on your manuscript, and then make revisions based on that feedback.

Editing and Proofreading:

Every ghostwriter’s content goes through a thorough QA process. In which an editor is assigned the book manuscript. The editor and ghost writer then goes through the entirety of the manuscript pointing out mistakes that will then be corrected for a perfect manuscript. Learn More Here

Book Cover Design:

In the modern world, a book without a cover is almost equal to not being a book altogether. Hence, our ghostwriting services ensures that your book cover goes in sync with the book synopsis, piquing the reader's interest the first time they set eyes on your book.

Final Review and Delivery:

Compile the final manuscript for you to review one final time. Being our commitment to your satisfaction we allow you to get edits done at this stage too. However, in case you give the final go-ahead the book is finalized and delivered to you.

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