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About HAMNIC Solutions

Researchers & Academics at HAMNIC Solutions are passionate about helping people who want to research. We believe that by building the people that build tomorrow's businesses, organisations and institutions, we are doing our bit at HAMNIC Solutions to help make the world a better place. Get In Touch

We don't mean to brag, but we happen to be pretty good at what we do!

HAMNIC Solutions is a multidisciplinary research hub built to support students, career professionals, and entrepreneurs in their research endeavors. It is a community space that embraces professional success and provide easy access to Research Coaches and Academics for the advancement of research. In addition, it provides free resources created by a team of Academics & Research Specialists in collaboration with experts from around the world.

At HAMNIC Solutions, we do everything we ethically can to help you achieve your academic and research goals. Our Research Coaches and Academics take the time to understand your unique situation, objectives and challenges, and provide you with clear, actionable guidance and feedback, every step of your research project, dissertation or thesis.

Where allowed, HAMNIC Solutions also provide time-saving services such as data collection, transcription, statistical testing, survey design & hosting, editing & proofreading and content review. These services enable you as a researcher to optimise your approach by reducing time spent on low-value, non-core tasks. To learn more other services provided by HAMNIC Solutions, you can book a free initial consultation.

With little help from our Research Coaches, Academics & Dissertation Specialists, you can save plenty of time for anything! Get Expert Help

HAMNIC Solutions work with undergrad, Master and doctoral-level students, individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and institutions across the globe, including the US, UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Many of our clients are adult learners and busy entrepreneurs, balancing the demands of a career, family, business and a demanding academic program.

The platform also provides professional writing support for career professionals and entrepreneurs. This includes resume & cover letter writing, copywriting, article writing, blog writing, proofreading, editing, data entry, and administrative assistance. Here at HAMNIC Solutions, we make sure that all our customers, team members, and business partners are given the support they need to become a better version of themselves. This will enable them to reach their goals.

The hub works closely with experienced researchers, academics, content writing specialists and educators across the globe to help you achieve your research goals. For students, we want to see them walking up to the podium on graduation day, feeling proud of what they have accomplished, and ready to build the world.

Our Research Coaches and Academics assist with research projects across a wide range of specialisms. We do absolutely everything we can to keep our clients happy, that is why we are known to be the best dissertation and thesis support service provider. We also provide our clients with free resources (See Above).

If you would like to work with us at HAMNIC Solutions, you can email us on support@hamnicwritingservices.com or book an introductory consultation using the button below. Book A Free Initial Consultation

Our Manifesto:

At HAMNIC Solutions, we are passionate about helping people who want to research/learn.

Our Mision:

1. Making learning enjoyable by working together with our clients every step of their research project, dissertation or thesis: To connect the world's greatest educators, research professionals, and content writing specialists with the largest, most diverse, most ambitious researchers the world has ever seen. We hope to work together with these researchers and academics to help millions of researchers/learners along their research journey.

2. Inspiring and empowering businesses: To provide research support & content writing services that actually help individuals, entrepreneurs, business, organizations and institutions grow. Also to individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations and insititutions concentrate on what they do best, as we take care of the research & content writing tasks for them.

Get plain-language, actionable advice and detailed feedback and support through every chapter of your dissertation, thesis or research project! Get Started
Our Values:

To provide research support to the best of our ability, regardless of the scale of the research project, dissertation or thesis. Whether we are working on 100 pages or just a single page, if we have committed our time, we will deliver it!

When we are providing you with research support & content writing help, we are not merely delivering well-written sentences and paragraphs. We are giving you something that will help you improve your performance, grow your business, help you make more money, or make a more significant impact on the sphere of your influence. We take pride in that.

HAMNIC Solutions provide a convenient, simple, and unique platform where students, researchers, individuals, entrepreneurs and career professionals can access Research Support from Research Experts & Academics who are willing and able to dedicate their time and skills towards your success. It provides outstanding free resources that, together, deliver premium value to our clients.

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Get your audio recordings manually transcribed by real human transcribers for maximum accuracy. Our team members have extensive transcription experience, are native English speakers (from US, UK and SA) and have worked on numerous dissertations, research projects and theses. To ensure the highest quality of audio transcription, we manually transcribe all content. Transcription is handled by our highly qualified team of qualitative research specialists. You want your audio carefully transcribed by the HAMNIC Solutions team? Get A Quotation

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Benefits of choosing HAMNIC Solutions

On-demand, Online Research & Writing Services

Friendly, plain language Research Coachesk

More than just dissertation coaching service, a one-stop-shop for other time-saving services

Adverse collection of Research expertise

Plain language, actionable feedback

Highly experienced researchers & academics with extensive research experience

You get clean final documents & plagiarism report

Unlimited research support to meet your specifications