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HAMNIC Solutions consists of a passionate team of Researchers, Editors, Academics, and Book Writers who happen to understand Research (Academic & Scientific) & Book writing, and want to help you achieve your goals.

At HAMNIC Solutions we believe that by providing research support to the people that build tomorrow’s organizations & institutions, and helping those who add knowledge through writing books, we are doing our bit to help make the world a better place. That's why we approach every research project in a smart way that is evidence-based, improves knowledge sharing & management, and makes a positive impact on society!

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At HamnicWritingServices.com, we pride ourselves on taking a fully customized, deeply collaborative approach to meeting all of our clients’ individual preferences and needs!

Research Support

On-demand research help with your research project from Expert Academics. Plain-language, actionable advice - from proposal to final proofread. In addition, HAMNIC Solutions provide professional research services for businesses that want to mae data-informed decisions. This includes end-to-end research design, training (private and group), and general advisory.
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Dissertation & Thesis Support

Whether you're just starting out on your research journey and need help choosing a topic and developing your proposal, you're in the thick of a literature review or methodology chapter, you have already written your first draft - we are here to help. In addition to providing hands-on support with every research chapter, HAMNIC Solutions can also assist with survey data collection, transcription, content review and even editing & proofreading. Simply put, we provide everything you need to craft a top-notch research, dissertation or thesis. Cooperate With Experts

On-demand Editing & Proofreading

Put your best foot forward with a meticulously edited, proofread and professionally formatted document, perfectly aligned with specific formatting and presentation requirements. HAMNIC Solutions will help you produce a high-quality research, dissertation or thesis by taking care of language editing and proofreading, and provide you with a detailed plagiarism report to identify any problem areas. Get Expert Guide.

Find The Perfect Research Topic

Stop struggling with half-baked, vague and impractical research ideas. Get help from an expert to pin down a high-quality, practical topic. Wherever you are in the process, HAMNIC Solutions will help you find and refine high-quality, original research ideas; evaluate potential topics and choose the best one; and develop a clear, convincing proposal.
Whether you have just started thinking about your research interests, or you habve already got a shortlist of potential topics and need help choosing, HAMNIC can move you forward.
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Fast-Track Your Research Proposal

Let your friendly, Professional Research Coach help you refine your research topic to be laser-sharp and well-justified, plan a clear, logical structure that tells an engaging story, and write up a well-polished proposal that earns a "YES"!
Whether you are still refining your research topic for your dissertation or thesis proposal, or you have already written your first draft and need a critical review - HAMNIC will help move you forward. Get Customized Support

Make Your Literature Review Perfect

Your friendly, Qualified Research Coach will help you: find high-quality, relevant journal articles covering your topic, plan a clear logical structure, and craft a comprehensive literature review that earns marks.
With you, whichever stage you are at, whether you are just starting out on your literature review and need help sourcing quality articles, or you are alreaedy knee-deep and would like a review of your draft chapter, HAMNIC Solutions will move you forward.
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Get Help With Your Methodology

Your friendly, Professional Research Coach will help you select methodology that aligns firmly with your research topic, develop a well-justified research design strategy, and craft a watertight, mark-earning methodology chapter.
HAMNIC Solutions will be with you, whichever stage you are at. Whether you are just starting to think about methodology, are in the process of working out your research design, or you have already written a draft methodology chapter, HAMNIC will help move you forward. Cooperate With Experts

Time-Saving Data Collection & Analysis Services

Focus on things that really matter, while HAMNIC Solutions take care of the time-consuming data collection, conversion and preparation tasks. Get help in preparing, analysing and interpreting your data.
Wherever you are in data analysis process, HAMNIC helps you clearn up and process your data, plan and craft a clear structure for your analysis chapter. HAMNIC will move you forward, whether you have just started collecting your data, are in the thick of analysing your data, or you have already written a draft analysis chapter.
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Human-Based Audio Transcription Services

Fast-track your research - get your audio transcribed by Qualified qualitative and quantitative research experts. Get your audio recordings or interviews manually transcribed by real human transcribers for maximum accuracy. HAMNIC Solutions will help you manual transcription by English-language specialists, HAMNIC Solutions edit your transcriptions to remove unnecessary fillers such as errs and ums, without losing any context. Get Expert Help

Dissertation Defense Preparation

Get hands-on help preparing for your dissertation or thesis oral defence. Our experienced, qualified dissertation coaches will ensure your are 100% ready. HAMNIC Solutions will review your written dissertation or thesis and provide detailed, critical feedback regarding problem areas and how to correct the issues; arrange a virtual mock presentation, asking important questions of your research to get you comfortable with process of oral examination; and provide you with a detailed critique of your presentation, highlighting problem areas and how to go about fixing them. Get Prepared with HAMNIC.

Get Your Content Reviewed

Receive plain-language, actionable advice regarding your written work, as you develop it. HAMNIC Solutions will review and clearly explain the areas/sections that are problematic or need improvement; why those sections are not up to standard; and how you can correct them as easily as possible. In addition, will carefully review your written work and provide you with detailed, written feedback for each section. Will focus on overall research quality, methodology and structure; HAMNIC will look at whether your core arguments are sound, your research design is justified, your writing is analytical, and how well all of this is communicated. GET EXPERT SUPPORT

Digital Content Creation Services
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We are also here to make it efficient and effective for your business or organization. Your audience craves quality content and Google demands it. That's where HAMNIC Solutions comes in. HAMNIC Solutions is designed to create high-quality content at any scale. Whether you are a Fortune 500 retailer looking to re-write and enhance 1 million product descriptions, or small business adding a few pages of content to your new website, or an individual or entrepreneur creating social media content, HAMNIC Solutions will help you get the job done.

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At HamnicWritingServices.com, we pride ourselves on taking a fully customized, deeply collaborative research approach to meeting our clients’ individual research preferences and needs!

Professional Research Coaching

Total Support for all your Research Needs....

HAMNIC Solutions provides comprehensive, customized support for all your writing needs. Whether you need help sourcing quality articles, selecting a methodology that aligns firmly with your research topic, analysing and interpreting the meaning of your data, or thorough editing and proofreading of your research work, HAMNIC is here to help move you forward.
HAMNIC also provide custom-tailored support through every step of your research project, including topic selection & proposal, literature review, methodology & analysis, and defense preparation.
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HAMNIC Solutions do everything they ethically can to help you achieve your academic goals. HAMNIC take the time to understand your unique situation, objectives and challenges, and provide you with clear, actionable guidance and feedback, every step of the way. Contact HAMNIC

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Trustworthy Research Support

What Makes Our Research Support So Special

So, you are working on your research project, dissertation, thesis, or writing a book, but you are stuck. Perhaps you are struggling to craft a convincing research proposal, literature review, or methodology chapter. Maybe you need help collecting, sorting, and analyzing your research data, or perhaps you are almost done, but your writings are in a mess and require some clean-up. Or do you need assistance with your book writing project?
Wherever you are in the research process, our professional researchers, book writers, dissertation & thesis coaches, and editing & proofreading specialists will move your project forward the smart way! At HAMNIC Solutions, We approach every research project in a smart way that is evidence-based, improves knowledge sharing & management, and contributes to social positive impact!

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HAMNIC Solutions consists of a passionate team of Researchers, Educators, Academics & Book Writers who have extensive experience in research (academic & scientific), editing & proofreading, dissertation & thesis coaching, book writing, and have worked on numerous research projects, book writing projects, dissertations and theses.
They also happen to understand research projects and to know what markers & publishers want. They are here ready to help you achieve your research goals.